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Taffy Tales Cheat Codes (2023)

by Henry Emmanuel
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Taffy Tales Cheat Codes galore. So if you’re looking to get infinite money, or to max your stats, then here’s a list of all the working cheat codes for Taffy Tales.

Interactive fiction games are a genre of adult adventure that has come to stay and one such title you’d find interesting is Taffy Tales, a game that revolves around a teenage boy who lives in a town where the citizens seems to have lots of dark side and secrets.

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In Taffy Tales, players are depicted as a regular guy with split personality whose objective is to advance through everyday scenes, establishing relationships with different characters and solving quests and puzzles which can lead to erotic and comedic situations.

The game features awesome art alongside tons of mini-games and locations. Albeit complex, with no linear storyline, it’s got a money and inventory system full of items that can help to move around the game’s world swiftly.

Now assuming you are looking to skip the hassles of grinding, or to get infinite money and perhaps max your stats, then we have got a list of all the currently active Taffy Tales cheat codes to utilize right now.

Taffy Tales Cheat Codes


Taffy Tales is an incredible game and the cheat codes option integrated makes the gameplay a whole lot easier. Below, we have got a working Taffy Tales cheat codes that features save unlock and can give you unlimited money as well as max your stats.


  • Cheat Code – adbcbe
  • Updated cheat code is ozllpw
  • Updated save code is qmsaeg

Save Unlock:

  • Cheat Code – euueiu (case sensitive.)

Instructions: Start right at the new update. Choose Load Game and then click on the first save, there you can enter the code.

Max Stats and Money

  • Cheat Code – arnmcq (case sensitive.)

Instructions: Start new game, there you can enter the code.

v0.82.4b Gallery Unlock:

Place the file downloaded from here into the game’s folder (TaffyTales_Data/Managed) and you’ll be good to go.

Wrapping Up

So this is basically all the working Taffy Tales cheat codes to utilize right now. They function as of this moment and can help simplify your gaming experience by rewarding you in-game resources.

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