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LOTR: Return to Moria Console Commands

by Henry Emmanuel

Return to Moria console commands abound. So if you are looking to simplify your gaming experience, here’s all the LOTR: Return to Moria console commands to activate right now.

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria is a 2023 survival crafting video game where players play as Dwarfs who are tasked with exploring a procedurally generated map with the objective of mining resources, fighting mobs of orcs, and crafting tools needed to progress their journey.

Similar to most games, Return to Moria features a hidden console command that holds the key to unlocking a realm of possibilities within the game. So assuming you’re looking to manipulate various aspects of the game, here is a complete list of all the LOTR: Return to Moria console commands to utilise right now.

How to Enable the Hidden Console in Return to Moria

The Return to Moria console window isn’t one to access using the tilde (~) key on your keyboard; instead, you will have to install the vanilla debug console mod available on NexusMods in order to enable the debug console built into the game.


To do this, simply download and unzip the Vanilla Debug Console zip file. Next up, copy all the files in the extracted folder and paste them to the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\ReturnToMoria\Moria\Binaries\Win64

Once done, run the game, and then press F10 to bring up the console window. With that done, enter any of the following Return to Moria console commands and hit Enter to activate.

Return to Moria Console Commands

From the ability to change your dwarf size to enabling God Mode, there are a plethora of Return to Moria console commands worth making use of. So without further delay, here’s all the LOTR: Return to Moria console commands to activate right now.

  • BugIt – Saves a screenshot in %localappdata%\Moria\Saved\BugIt, presumably for game testers to screenshot bugs
  • BugItGo
  • BugItStringCreator
  • ChangeSize [value] – Changes the current dwarf’s size, a value of 1 is “original” / “normal” size, anything below 1 is smaller, and anything larger is bigger.
  • CheatScript
  • DamageTarget – Damages the current character’s target
  • DebugCapsuleSweep
  • DebugCapsuleSweepCapture
  • DebugCapsuleSweepChannel
  • DebugCapsuleSweepClear
  • DebugCapsuleSweepComplex
  • DebugCapsuleSweepPawn
  • DebugCapsuleSweepSize
  • DestroyAll
  • DestroyAllPawnsExceptTarget
  • DestroyPawns
  • DestroyServerStatReplicator
  • DestroyTarget – The player’s current target will be removed from the game including all instances of that. For example, if destorytarget is run on dirt, any mineable dirt or ore will be removed from the map meaning no more resources! Floors can be destroyed.
  • DumpChatState
  • DumpOnlineSessionState
  • DumpPartyState
  • DumpVoiceMutingState
  • FlushLog
  • Fly
  • FreezeFrame
  • Ghost
  • God
  • InvertMouse
  • LogLoc
  • OnlyLoadLevel
  • PlayersOnly
  • ReceiveEndPlay
  • ReceiveInitCheatManager
  • ServerToggleAILogging
  • SetMouseSensitivityToDefault
  • SetWorldOrigin
  • Slomo
  • SpawnServerStatReplicator
  • StreamLevelIn
  • StreamLevelOut
  • Summon – Takes in a classname and creates the class
  • Teleport
  • TestCollisionDistance
  • ToggleAILogging
  • ToggleDebugCamera – Toggles enabling / disabling the debug camera which gives you free roaming through the level
  • ToggleServerStatReplicatorClientOverwrite
  • ToggleServerStatReplicatorUpdateStatNet
  • UpdateSafeArea
  • ViewActor
  • ViewClass
  • ViewPlayer
  • ViewSelf
  • Walk

FGKCheatManager Commands

  • AllGod
  • Heal
  • InputDebugNextCharacter
  • MiddleMousePressed
  • MouseWheelDown
  • MouseWheelUp
  • NetworkProfilerAutostop
  • NetworkProfilerDisable
  • NetworkProfilerEnable
  • NextInputScheme
  • PreviousInputScheme
  • ResetTimeSpeed
  • Skip
  • SpeedDownTime
  • SpeedUpTime
  • ToggleCharacterDebugText

So these are all the Return to Moria console commands to utilise right now. If you have got a list of other commands not listed above, simply use the comment box below to share it.


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