The Best Xbox One Golf Games (2024)

And if you play these golf games, you’re my friend.

Playing golf games with great minds can be a gateway to opportunity. It does reveal character and can be a means to spend quality time with friends in a tranquil environment. Offering lots of satisfaction, golf is simply a precision sport game played by individuals competing against one another and the objective is to hit a ball into each holes on a golf course while utilizing minimum number of strokes. With full knowledge of how essential it is in building friendship and the concentrations involved, we decided to list the best golf games for Xbox one.

1. The Golf Club 2

The Golf Club 2 is a sequel to the first game but this time, it is much more better. It’s actually a realistic golf simulator with course creator and career mode. The graphics compared to its predecessor looks upgraded and the trees, water and lighting seems to be natural when viewed at a distance.

The UI is clunky though but still passable. One of the things that makes the game standout is the swing mechanics. You’d feel the impact of every shot you make with 3D human crowds to cheer you up. Aside from this, the game features enhanced character customization and a multiplayer mode. It is really an Xbox one golf game that delivers.

But from Microsoft ($30)

2. Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

I’ve a friend who do always pick Rory McIlroy PGA Tour over The Golf Club 2. His reasons being that the gameplay is solid and features a tour mode that is quite challenging. It’s without doubt that Rory McIlroy PGA Tour brings beautiful scenery, but the small number of courses alongside the removal of big name golfers makes it laughable. On a positive side, it’s the game to play if you love Tiger Woods and Mario Golf. Thanks to the 3-click gameplay.

Buy from Microsoft ($32)

3. Powerstar Golf

Powerstar Golf is hands-down one of the best golf game for Xbox One. Zoë Mode did a good job here, developing a game that brings accurate physics engine with pixar style graphics. For one thing, I’d say it’s unique. The vibrant colorful palette alongside its crisp visuals as well as the course design makes it a must-play. It also features RPG elements with special character abilities and aside from the multiplayer option, there’s a caddy system and power-up reward packs.

Download from Microsoft (free)

4. Dangerous Golf

Golf is an outdoor game no doubt, but what if you play it indoor? What will the outcome be? Well dangerous golf is here to answer that query. I’d name it putt-putt, as it’s actually a miniature golf game where players get awarded for causing damages. Strange? It is, since you aren’t aiming for a birdie or par.

The game’s theme is destruction, from smashing up gas station, palace, shop, kitchen and bathroom whilst trying to hit the ball into the hole to pulling off outrageous trick shots that do reward players with points. Just break objects for fun, be it expensive antiques or irrelevant stuffs, you do get to see your ball turn into a fireball.

Buy From Microsoft ($20)

5. Party Golf

Once a Switch exclusive, Party Golf is now available on Xbox one. It’s Giant Margarita’s attempt to bring a crazy golf game to Xbox and it worked. For the gameplay, you are tasked with getting to the hole first and sinking your ball. Party Golf brings plenty of customizations and even though its presentation sucks, it’s still a frenetic, real-time multiplayer golf game that combines simple 2D physics. The game is less golf, more party and it’s free to play.

Buy From Microsoft ($14.45)

6. Neo Turf Masters

Neo Turf Masters is one of the biggest golf games in the 90’s and even when it doesn’t shine when pitted with the likes of Golf Club 2, it’s still a solid title to play. The game offers a clearly defined aesthetics with sturdy gameplay mechanics. For the visuals, they’re too flashy but if you can forgive this, then you’d be left with a fast paced arcade-style golf game with two modes to choose from.

Buy From Microsoft ($11)

Wrapping Up

There are a limited number of Golf games for Microsoft’s Xbox one and the ones listed above where deemed the best by our team. They’re unequivocally addictive, offers astonishing visuals with good controls and physics. You’d be amazed when you see the plethora of features they bring.

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