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Ankha Zone +18: Where to Watch the Original Video

by Henry Emmanuel

Ankha Zone +18 original video is hard to come by. So assuming you’re well-versed in Animal Crossing and want to know what the clip is all about, then here’s where to watch Ankha Zone video.

The Animal Crossing series has made its mark as one of the most popular video games in Nintendo history. Pouted as a social simulation, the game depicts players as humans living in a town full of anthropomorphic animals.

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Its gameplay sees players spend their days doing chores like catching fish, plucking fruits, and chopping wood, and this is all in a bit to earn money that can be used to pay off their debt and to build more amenities for the town.

Just like most games, Animal Crossing features a plethora of characters and one such adorable and perhaps popular villager you’d love to see move to your island is Ankha, a snobby cat villager inspired by Egyptian nobility.

Who is Ankha in Animal Crossing?

Ankha is referred to in the Animal Crossing video game series as a snooty cat villager. She has appeared in all games with the exception of Animal Forest and Wild World.

Ankha is described as “snobby” in the sense that she first appear arrogant to players and can only warm up to them when they spend enough time with her.

She’s a famous villager per se, with name derived from ankh, the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that means life. Her appearance without doubt is hugely inspired by the Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

Ankha Zone +18 Video Explained


Following Ankha popularity, a Twitter user who operates the handle @Zone uploaded a video showcasing Ankha engaging in sexual activity to a music playing in the background.

Upon release, the two-minute long explicit video instantly went viral, making rounds on various social media platforms especially TikTok and Twitter.

In the video which has been viewed over 5 million times, one can see the snobby islander Ankha having carnal knowledge with another character.

Zone who specializes in creating flash cartoon parodies uploaded the animated video back in February and even though it was originally everywhere, the video gradually got taken down after it was deemed inappropriate.

Ankha Zone +18: Where to Watch Original Video

Ankha Zone +18 original video is hard to come by and this is largely due to the fact that it isn’t suitable for teenage players.

Animal Crossing as we all know, leaves’ no room for NSFW content and despite offering support for mods, you’d rarely find third-party add-ons that displeases the eyes.

Now assuming you are above eighteen (18) and consider yourself an adult, then chances are, you’re probably looking to watch the viral Ankha Zone +18 video.

Whilst many have resulted to cropping and cutting out the sexually explicit part in the original video in order not to get banned, there are still tons of places to find and watch Ankha Zone clip.

So without beating around the bush, simply use the following URL to watch Ankha Zone +18 original video;


Note: The trending Ankha Zone video is rated +18 for a reason. Hence we do not recommend viewing it, as a teenager.

Wrapping Up

So this is basically where to find and watch Animal Crossing’ Ankha Zone +18 original video. As stated earlier, the clip is specifically intended for adults, so we strongly discourage watching it as a young player.


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