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A House in the Rift Codes (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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A House in the Rift codes abound. So if you are looking to unlock gallery in Dreamer Pro Plus, here are all the active A House in the Rift codes to use right now.

Featuring over 100 story events, A House in the Rift is arguably one of the best visual novel games I’ve seen. Its premise puts you in the role of the protagonist, who was thrown into a dimensional rift after an experiment went wrong. Now stuck in a strange house in the middle of nowhere, he soon discovers he’s not alone as there are other castaways (elf, succubus, etc.) he can bond with.

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The game’s gameplay basically revolves around interacting and building relationships with other characters during the day and exploring the strange house at night. You can choose to partake in various activities such as baking cakes, wrestling adversaries, studying magic, and whatnot.

Albeit fun, A House in the Rift is one hell of a difficult game. It features a tonne of animations and gallery scenes that can only be unlocked by grinding. Now, assuming you’re looking to skip these hassles, here are all the working A House in the Rift codes to utilise right now.

A House in the Rift Codes

There is a sheer amount of A House in the Rift codes you can use to unlock certain scenes in Dreamer Pro Plus. So if you are already itching to see them, here are all the active A House in the Rift codes to make use of.

  • Gallery Unlock Code – wannaseeitall
  • New Plaything – onaleash
  • Obedient Maid – myelvishmaid

How to Enter Codes in a House in the Rift

  • To enter the above codes in A House in the Rift, simply open up the game and go to the house.
  • From here, locate and click on the phone icon at the top right corner of the screen, followed by Dreamer Pro Plus.
  • Now enter any of the codes listed above into the appropriate box to unlock all scenes.

Wrapping Up

So these are all the currently working codes for a house in the Rift. To get more codes as soon as they are available, simply bookmark this page and visit often.


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