AFK Arena Secrets of the Forest Guide

The Peaks of Time campaign in AFK Arena brings tons of adventures and one such level you do wonder how to bypass is the Secret of the Forest. It is the third stage of the “campaign” that once completed rewards players with the Dura’s artifact. Now for what it is worth, this “level” can be pretty much difficult and that’s because of the vines that block certain areas of the chests whenever you defeat an enemy camp.

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For most chests, these thorns won’t be an obstacle. But if you don’t follow the right step or a specific order of battle, then the vines will grow quickly, thus blocking your “path” and you will be unable to reach the main treasure. In this guide, we’ll unveil the right way to reach the final chest and obtain the Dura’s artifact as well as all the rewards. So here is the guide to the Secrets of the Forest in AFK Arena.

AFK Arena Secrets of the Forest Guide

When Lilith Games released the 1.27 update patch for AFK Arena, they adjusted enemy formations in the Peaks of Time campaign and equally removed the prerequisites that required players to discover a hidden passageway in the Secrets of the Forest adventure. Today, we’ll teach you the trick we used to beat this level. So let’s get started.

Once you begin the Secrets of the Forest adventure, simply click on the Mercenary Encampment to inspect the heroes.

Now defeat the enemies in the first camp and once that is done, a vine will grow, thus blocking your path. Right after this, you’ll be prompted to choose one of three different relics. Pick the one that will benefit your Wilders the most.

Next up, defeat the enemies in camp two (that’s the camp right before the mercenary camp) and choose a relic as usual. Once done, click on the mercenary camp and claim your wilder hero.

From there, click on the enemy camp above you and send them to kingdom come. Then follow that path and beat the next camp. Collect the rewards at the top and defeat the camp next to it.

Now trail that path straightforward and you wll arrive at the second mercenary camp. Claim a Wilder hero from here, making sure he/she is different from the first one.

Once done, journey all the way back to the first mercenary camp and beat the second enemy camp, then follow that path and defeat the one next to it.

Navigate further into that area and you will see another enemy camp. Ignore it and simply take the path downwards. Here, click on the shrine of life and defeat the enemies.

The previously ignored camp should now be cleared. Choose a relic and follow the path, then defeat the enemy camp obstructing your way.

The vine won’t block the chest this time, simply make your way in there and claim the Dura’s Tranquillity necklace.

Now we recommend you fight from low to high level enemies. So walk past the enemy camp downwards and claim the rewards in the chest up above. Ignore the enemy camp at the top and head back to the shrine of life.

You will get a message saying that you have successfully resurrected a random hero. Trail that path backwards and you’ll arrive at the first mercenary camp. This time defeat the enemy below that area and claim your rewards.

Defeat the one beneath it too and trail that path. You’d see another enemy camp. Send its occupant to the world beyond and continue your journey.

Now you’ll arrive at the next enemy camp. This time, they’re two. Ignore the camp in front of you and defeat the one above it. Now collect your rewards and defeat the camp you ignored previously.

From here, navigate downwards and claim the reward. Go back all the way to the top and defeat the enemy camp in your path. Grab the rewards and navigate back to the first mercenary camp.

There, ignore the ancient tome beneath you and defeat the camp up ahead and then go back up (as shown in pic 1 below). Collect the rewards from there and beat the enemy camp visible to you.

Once done, walk past it, collect the rewards and defeat the enemy camp ahead. Then go into that area and grab the rewards.

Now head back to the 1st mercenary camp and click on the ancient tome we ignored previously. It’ll turn to an enemy camp, simple defeat its occupants using only your Wilder heroes.

Claim the rewards there, and trail upwards to the new path opened. Collect the next rewards and move up to the enemy camp visible to you.

Beat its inhabitants and bag all the rewards in that area. Now that’s it. You’ve completed the secret of the forest adventure. The next level “Rest in Peace” should now be unlocked.

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