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Banana Shooter Hacks (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Banana Shooter hacks galore. So if you are looking to unlock all achievements or to get hacks such as infinite ammo, no recoil and more, here is all the active Banana Shooter hacks to utilize right now.

A glimpse at Banana Shooter and Dani’s Karlson comes to mind. Created by the developer CodingDaniel in 2022, Banana Shooter is a fast-paced multiplayer first-person shooter where players are depicted as Dave, a young man who loves eating banana. Following an event which saw his banana taken away from him, Dave embarked on a killing spree, with the goal to get the highest kill count and retrieve his banana.

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In addition to offering a plethora of customizable guns and knives, Banana Shooter’s gameplay mechanics is pretty impressive in the sense that you can painlessly double jump, dash, grapple hook and even rocket jump whilst killing enemies to get coins that can be used for upgrades.

Now assuming you are looking to unlock all achievements or to simplify your gaming experience by enabling hacks such as no recoil, infinite jump, slow bullet and more, we have got below the best Banana shooter hacks to utilize right now.

Banana Shooter Hacks


For one thing, Banana Shooter hacks galore and the best amongst them comes with dozens of hacks that can help make your gameplay easier. Below, we have cherry-picked the two best hacks for Banana Shooter.

Hack 1 Features

  • Box ESP
  • Name ESP
  • Weapon ESP
  • Health ESP (with dynamic and static colors)
  • Skeleton ESP
  • Show Teammates
  • No Recoil
  • No Spread
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Instant Bullet
  • Instant Kill
  • No Pushback
  • Rapidfire
  • Infinite Penetration
  • Silent Aimbot
  • Speedhack (custom speeds)
  • Infinite Jump
  • Don’t die in lava
  • Configuration system
  • Max all perks

Download from here

Hack 2 Features

  • Slow Bullet
  • Infinite jump [Fly, hold space]
  • Magic bullet [shoot anywhere, kill players, profit]
  • Infinite glow [if someone kills you they will always have a glow]
  • No recoil [when you shoot gun doesnt have recoil]
  • Infinite Ammo [ Ammo is infinite ]
  • Kill while dead [ When dead you can still shoot ]
  • Clantag [ Cool clantag on tab ]
  • Force Glow [When someone kills you, they will glow until game is over]
  • FPS Spoofer [Multiplies your fps]
  • AntiCheat Bypass [ Anti-Kick & ban ]
  • Force WR Any %
  • Unlock all achievements [unlocks all]
  • Remove swear filter
  • Chat Spammer [ Killsay ]
  • Increased Bullets, Decreased FPS [69 bullets per shot ]
  • NoSpread [ No Spread ]
  • InfiniteKnife [ Infinite Knife and Broadsword Reach ]
  • AllowShoot [ Allows you to shoot anytime, anywhere ]
  • Force WR in race [ sets time in race to -1337 ]
  • Dev Hack [Spoofs your steam id to the dev’s]
  • 1337 max players [hosting lobby makes max players 1337]


  • H – Force start game or reset match
  • F – Kill Everyone

Download from here

How to Install Banana Shooter Hacks

To install the above banana shooter hack, head over to the following directory;

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Banana Shooter\Banana Shooter_Data\Managed

Then drag and drop the Assembly-CSharp.dll file downloaded from the URL above into the folder.

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what is the keybind to open the hacks for the second hack

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discord atarmısın

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Theres no “managed” folder

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