6 Best Conan Exiles Sex Mods

Conan Exiles is an interesting survival RPG that has managed to stand the test of time thanks to its active modding community. From various character mods to building, items, gameplay, and customization mods, there are also a tonne of Conan Exiles sex mods that aim to introduce a luscious gameplay experience.

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For players unaware, Conan Exiles sex mods are user-created modifications that add explicit sexual content or features to the base game. These mods can range from simple cosmetic changes, such as altering character appearances or outfits to be more revealing, to more explicit content, including nudity, sexual animations, or interactions.

Now, before we delve into revealing the best Conan Exiles sex mods out there, let’s first walk you through what Conan Exiles is.

What is Conan Exiles?

Conan Exiles is an addictive open-world survival game set in the fictional world of Conan the Barbarian. Its gameplay revolves around exploring and surviving in a vast, hostile environment.

In the game, players are tasked with building shelter, gathering resources, crafting weapons and armour, and battling enemies and/or creatures while managing various survival elements such as hunger, thirst, and temperature.

In addition to engaging in conflicts and raiding, Conan Exiles offers support for mods that help players enhance their gameplay experience. Now, assuming you’re looking to enjoy a luscious gameplay experience, here are the best Conan Exiles sex mods downloadable from Steam Workshop.

1. Devious Desires

Devious Desires is hands-down one of the best Conan Exiles sex mods that aims to enhance the vanilla gameplay experience. It provides a wide range of animations and tools for better control over your character, including subtle adjustments for positioning, enhanced emotive expressions, and explicit interactions between characters. 

2. Commando

Not to be fooled by its name, Commando is basically one of the popular Conan Exiles sex mods that replaces some of the original armour worn by male and female characters with one showing a bit more skin. It is a cool, skimpy armour mod per se, and one of its strong points is that it is compatible with other skin and armour mods.

3. Exiles Extreme

Exiles Extreme is more than just a sex mod for Conan Exiles. It is like a Swiss Army Knife that houses all sorts of items necessary for enhancing your gameplay experience. In addition to its sexual contents, the mod allows users to add mounts, place-ables, weapons, structures, cosmetics, decorations, armour, and pets of varying power levels to the base game.

4. Thrall Walls

If you are looking for a Conan Exiles sex mod that is regularly updated and barely crashes due to incompatibility issues or outdatedness, we strongly recommend Thrall Walls. The mod features a plethora of interactable items, including adult content, and they are all there to help you enhance your gameplay experience.

5. Aephrosi’s Altar

Dubbed the New God of Lust, Aephrosi’s Altar is another worthy Conan Exiles sex mod worth installing. The mod typically places shrines, altars, and fences in a desired location in-game and allows players to interact with thralls to automatically generate fluids that can be coalesced into bars and silk for recipes.

6. Aquilonian Passion Body

Aquilonian Passion Body is the mod to use if you are looking to give your female character a sultry look. The mod typically lets you select just about anything during customization, and this includes lable styles, shapely hips, buttocks, thighs, calves, and other accessories.

Wrapping Up 

So these are the best Conan Exiles sex mods out there. If you know of any other Conan Exiles adult mod not listed above, simply use the comment box below to notify us, and we’ll do well to update this article.

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