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BloxLand Promo Codes for Free Robux 2020

by Henry Emmanuel

If it sounds too good to be true, then you should perhaps trust your gut. Hence instead of relying on fake Roblox Robux generators, you can easily stay safe by redeeming the active BloxLand promo codes listed below for free Robux.

We do say it again, Robux Generators don’t work. They are deceptive tools concorted by “disingenuous” people “hovering” all over the internet and are used to mercilessly prey on innocent but gullible Roblox users all in a bit to enrich their greedy pockets. But among those bad eggs, there are good ones and this is where points reward sites like BloxLand comes in to play.

Albeit a little community, BloxLand is without doubt one of the legitimate ways to earn free Robux. They pay thousands of users in points for a job done well and this can then be “exchanged” for Robux. The site itself is well described as they’re able to pull of this trick with the help of offer provider companies who pay them for getting them offer completions.

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At the end of the day, BloxLand utilises the money to buy Robux and payout users who completed various offers on their platform. Aside from solving Captchas and joining giveaways, there are several ways in which users can earn free Robux on BloxLand and they are namely, filling out surveys, watching sponsored videos and downloading random apps and games.

BloxLand Promo Codes


Now assuming you are looking to get yourself a new outfit, game pass and several other stuffs available on Roblox but don’t want to go through the hassles of completing various surveys such as submitting your email address for a company’s newsletter, then here’s all the active BloxLand promo codes that reward you with free points that can be exchanged for Robux once redeemed.

  • carla – Gives you 1 free Robux
  • news – Gives you 1 free Robux
  • Bloxburg – Gives you 1 free Robux
  • QuickRobux – Gives you 1 free Robux

BloxLand Expired Codes

The below BloxLand promo codes have already expired but you can still try them – who knows you may earn up with luck.

  • sat
  • Thursday
  • Snowman
  • industry
  • WinterBreak
  • applesauce
  • test24
  • yes
  • villa
  • username
  • congress
  • flight
  • keyword
  • arizona
  • jones
  • meetings
  • israel
  • exercise
  • enable
  • himself
  • reduce
  • doctor
  • chemical
  • patch
  • surgery
  • driving
  • claim
  • quickly
  • johnson
  • apparel
  • letters
  • effort
  • fishing
  • optional
  • thxfor100k
  • gooselol
  • deemed
  • opposed
  • renewal
  • gains
  • vitamins
  • retailer
  • stanley
  • routing
  • strictly
  • loving
  • herbal seeks
  • situated
  • formerly
  • verified
  • omega
  • civic
  • manuals
  • watched
  • thereof
  • grill
  • colored
  • depend
  • wishes
  • wanna
  • grain
  • redeem
  • Poke
  • MarBux

How to Redeem BloxLand Promo Codes


With the codes now in your custody, it’s time to redeem them. So to get this one going, start by heading over to Blox.Land.com and then provide your Roblox username for linking purpose.

Once this is done, simply click on the text that says Promo Codes at the top. On the next page, enter the valid codes listed above and click the Start Earning button to get your reward.

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