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Descenders Codes for Free Items (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Descenders Codes galore. So if you’re looking to get free items, then here’s a list of all the new and currently active codes for Descenders.

By god, Descenders is one hell of a fast-paced downhill biking game. Its gameplay takes place in a procedurally generated worlds where players are task to race down the side of mountains performing breath-taking tricks and stunts in order to complete levels and advanced their team in an online battle.

Albeit repetitive, Descenders offers a modern stylish upgrade that’s second to none. Its controls are tight and while we admit the game’s shortage of content, we still won’t deny the fact that it features a great soundtrack that churns in the background.

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Cons aside, Descenders gameplay begins with players racing to complete a track three times. The lane however is full of challenges and boss jumps and each mistake comes with its own consequences.

It’s definitely without doubt that Descenders is an addictive downhill mountain biking game, but there are some certain items that can’t be obtained during a run. Due to this, we’ve gone through the internet to curate a list of all the Descenders Codes worth redeeming right now.

Descenders Codes

From Jersey to Shorts, there are a plethora of uncommon items present in Descenders and if you are already itching to get them for free – without grinding, then here’s all the currently active Descenders Codes for items.

  • ADMIRALCREEP – Gives you AdmiralBulldog Jersey
  • DRAE – Gives you Draegast Jersey
  • YEAHTHEBOYS – Gives you Jackhuddo Jersey
  • SPEEDISKEY – Gives you Jacksepticeye Jersey
  • MANFIST – Gives you MANvsGAME Jersey
  • NLSS – Gives you NLSS Jersey
  • SMILE – Gives you RockLeeSmile Jersey
  • SODAG – Gives you Sodapoppin Jersey
  • SPAM – Gives you Spamfish Jersey
  • LOVE – Gives you Flag Heart
  • SLASH – Gives you Discord Bike
  • BUGGS – Gives you Bay Area Buggs Jersey
  • FIREKITTEN – Gives you Firekitten Jersey
  • SOMETHINGRAD – Gives you Something Rad Jersey
  • SPOOPY – Gives you Skeleton Jersey
  • SPOOPY – Gives you Skeleton Pants
  • MERRYCHRISTMAS – Gives you Kinetic Christmas Jersey
  • MERRYCHRISTMAS – Gives you Enemy Christmas Jersey
  • MERRYCHRISTMAS – Gives you Arboreal Christmas Jersey
  • MERRYCHRISTMAS – Descenders Christmas Jersey
  • CIVRYAN – Gives you CivRyan Jersey
  • ICEFOXX – Gives you Cashcow Bell
  • ICEFOXX – Gives you Cashcow Bike
  • ICEFOXX – Gives you Cashcow Jersey
  • ICEFOXX – Gives you Cashcow Mask
  • ICEFOXX – Gives you Cashcow Pants
  • TEAMRAZER – Gives you TeamRazer Jersey
  • TEAMRAZER – Gives you TeamRazer Shorts
  • TOASTY – Gives you Toasty Ghost Jersey
  • FUNHAUS – Gives you Funhaus Jersey
  • TABOR – Gives you Sam Tabor Gaming Jersey
  • WARCHILD – Gives you War Child Jersey
  • WARCHILD – Gives you War Child Pants

So these are all the currently active item codes for Descenders. Do ensure to redeem them as soon as possible before they expire and also bookmark this page for new codes update.

How to Redeem Codes in Descenders

As usual, the steps involve in redeeming codes in Descenders is pretty simple and straightforward. So to get this one going, simply fire up the game and navigate your way to Settings. From here, click on Redeem Code and copy paste the above listed codes into the blank area. Once done, click Enter to get your reward.


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