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Dragon Adventure Codes for Eggs, Coins and More (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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From eggs to coins, these Roblox Dragon Adventure Codes will give you tons of free rewards that’ll make your gameplay easier.

So I didn’t expect much from Sonar Studios Dragon Adventure. I certainly didn’t expect to see a charming adventure on a platform such as Roblox. I mean I’d played Climax Studio’s Dawn of New Riders and the ever popular movie tie-in game How to Train Your Dragon. But those where on actual consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. Seeing a game similar to the aforementioned on a hub such as Roblox is nostalgic satisfying – what a pleasant surprise.

For the uninitiated, Dragon Adventure is one of the popular games you’d find on Roblox. It’s gameplay kicks-off in an immersive world where players are task to raise and protect dragons. They’d start by designing a base for their creature and once the beast’s egg is hatched, training and taking them to battle against other enemies will become one of their main priority.

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That aside, players can grow crops and even fly into the sky with their dragons. Albeit a good game, it’s difficult to progress at a rapid pace in Dragon Adventure and that too especially when you have little or no resources. Due to this, we have garnered the best codes that can give you free coins, potions and other rewards once redeemed. So if you aren’t ready to grind, then here’s all the currently active codes for Roblox Dragon Adventure.

Dragon Adventure Codes

Games like Roblox Dragon Adventure offers a plethora of codes to ease the life of players but the only cons is that they’re only available for a certain period of time. From SunGod to SunnyDay, Dragon Adventure has seen a ton of codes but it’s sad to say that most of them are passé. Below, we’ve listed every single Dragon Adventure Codes that’s still active.

  • SPARKLE – Gives you a free Ice Crystals
  • HEALING – Gives you 50 Crystal Treats

For one thing, these codes have all been tested by us and we urge you to redeem them as soon as possible before they expire.

Dragon Adventure Codes (Expired)

For record keeping, we thought it wise to list all the expired codes for Dragon Adventure. So if you’re like me and you want to see all the codes that are no longer available, then here they are;

  • SPECIAL – Gives you 1 Color Shuffle Potion
  • Shiny – Gives you 50 golden apples
  • TASTY – Gives you 50 pumpkins
  • SolarSolstice – Gives you 5,000 coins
  • SunnyDay – Gives you 1 Lava Preset Potion
  • SunGod – Gives you 1 Golden Bear Plushie
  • Milomissions – Gives you 20 Bananas
  • Questmaster – Gives you 2,500 Coins
  • NewL0bby – Gives you Color Order Potion
  • 20k2020 – Gives you 2,500 Coins
  • Bunny – Gives you 50 Bunnies
  • HappyEaster – Gives you 1 Easter Preset Potion
  • Egghunt – Gives you 100 Chocolate Eggs
  • b0nd – Gives you 1 Color Shuffle Potion
  • Toxic – Gives you 1,000 Coins
  • Wasp – Gives you 10 Toxic Waste
  • Wastel4nd – Gives you 1 Radioactive Present Potion
  • toxicworld – Gives you 1,000 Coins
  • happybdayery – Gives you a free Reward
  • Val2020 – Gives you 500 Coins
  • DAValentines – Gives you 1 Free Heart Preset Potion
  • HappyValentines – Gives you 75 Heart Treat

How to Redeem Codes in Dragon Adventure

As usual, simply jump into Roblox and fire up Dragon Adventure. Once the game starts, click on the Menu button located at the right-side of the screen followed by the Twitter icon.

A screen will pop-up at this rate. Now go ahead and type any of the above listed codes into the blank area. Once done, click the Submit button to get your reward.


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