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Escape From Tarkov Codes (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

The fact that you’re here simply means you do not have what it takes to escape from the city of Tarkov. Fortunately, these promo codes will help.

When you head over to Twitch, you’re likely to see Escape From Tarkov as one of the top games on the platform. I mean almost all of the notable streamers are playing it and each gameplay videos they have shared so far has amassed not less than a thousand views.

Tarkov is no real universe per se, it is actually a fictional Russian city torn apart by rival private military companies and as the player, your goal will be to enter a map, raid it, win conflicts and extract safely all the loot you find throughout your adventure.

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Objective details aside, Escape From Tarkov is truly a hardcore multiplayer online first-person shooter and one of its most fascinating elements is the extreme realism it offers. From a clean UI to realistic bullets, then there’s the recoil and gun mechanics, they’re literally awesome.

Now assuming you have attempted to upgrade Escape From Tarkov from the standard version, you’d come across a section which says “Have a promocode?”. From here, you must be wondering what kind of codes are there and how to redeem them. In this article, we’ll reveal everything.

Escape From Tarkov Codes

Escape From Tarkov brings a sheer amount of codes and even if you happen to come across one, it’d be claimed already. Extra guns aside, one of the big pros of upgrading EOD from standard is that it gives you bigger cash and increases your stash and if you happen to be in possession of a working code, you’d be getting yourself cool discounts. Now without further ado, below is all the currently active codes for Escape from Tarkov.

  • 20902FN362 – You get 30% off on your order
  • pcnK2s – Gives you 30% discount when you spend $75 or more
  • NOVABABE5-SD62J – Gives you 30% for every EFT order
  • WORK30 – Gives you 30% discount
  • SEMI40 – Gives you 30% discount when you spend $70 or more
  • NOVABABE5-SD62JR – Gives you 30% discount
  • NOVABABE5-ZHGQSU – Gives you 30% discount
  • Kazam – Let’s you get full refund on purchase
  • UZZFEED – Gives you 10% discount
  • 8A6E2D3A – You get 10% discount on your first order

How to Redeem Escape from Tarkov Codes

The steps involve in redeeming any of the above listed escape from tarkov codes is pretty simple and straightforward, but we won’t be beating around here. So if you are looking to redeem codes in Escape from Tarkov, then watch the below video.

Wrapping Up

So these are all the Escape from Tarkov Codes worth redeeming right now. Do endeavour to bookmark this page for more codes update.

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