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Friday Night Funkin’ Mod Menu (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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FNF Mod Menu galore. So if you are looking to get a fix for new content, then here’s the best Friday Night Funkin’ Mod Menu APKs to install right now.

Be it solo or with your friends or family, Rhythm games are great fun to play. They bring simplistic mechanics where success depends solely on your sense of rhythm and visual cues.

While the likes of Dance Dance Revolution may have taken the gaming world by storm, Friday Night Funkin’ shines for it’s extensive career mode and unique characters.

It is a beatbox battle game with class, bringing cool 90s B-Boy visuals, tons of original music and a freestyle/story mode that makes you want to play more.

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For the uninformed, Friday Night Funkin’ is simply a music rhythm game where you are tasked to impress the father of your girlfriend by engaging in rap battles with him in other to get a kiss from his daughter.

It’s a game of skills per se and albeit addictive, it can be pretty competitive and intense.

For one thing, following the arrows that appear on the screen in Friday Night Funkin’ and tapping the buttons in the right direction to create a rhythm is pretty essential, but assuming you are looking to get a fix for new contents, then you’re better off using any of the below Friday Night Funkin’ Mod Menu.

Friday Night Funkin’ Mod Menu


As a free-to-play open source rhythm game, Friday Night Funkin’ has managed to amass a large community dedicated to making essential mods that adds new contents to the game.

From Shaggy to Parappa, you’d get to find a plethora of Friday Night Funkin’ mods on sites such as GameBanana and FridayNightFunkin.net and assuming you’re playing on PC, installing the mods is as easy as copying all the contents found within the mods assets folder and replacing it with the original game’s assets.

However, for Android players, this process can be pretty cumbersome. This is where our FNF Mod Menu comes in to play. So assuming you are looking for a premade mod menu Apk for Friday Night Funkin’, then we have got a slew of ’em below.

So without further delay, here’s the most popular Friday Night Funkin’ Mod Menu to utilize right now.

  1. Garcello Mod (Port By Wyxos)
  2. Tricky Mod (Port By ZackGamerz)
  3. Tabi (Port By Lechan)
  4. Shaggy Mod (Port By Lucky_Dog)
  5. Monika Mod (Port By Lucky_Dogde)
  6. TankMan Mod (Port By LuckyDog&Zack’sGamer)
  7. Kapi Mod (Port By Lechan)
  8. Mid-Fight Masses
  9. Miku Mod (Port By Peppy)
  10. Tord
  11. Carol x BF Mod
  12. Bob And Bossip ( By MasterX)
  13. Garnie Mod ( By KlavierGayming)
  14. Imposter Mod ( By KlavierGayming)
  15. BlueBalls Incident Mod ( By LuckyDog)
  16. Pig Mod (By LuckyDog)
  17. Big Brother (By Daninocent)
  18. CJ Mod (By iCr4zySpace85)
  19. Pico’s School Mod (By 4EverPlus)
  20. TrickyPhase 0 (By xXpert0)
  21. Galaxy Mod (By KlavierGayming)

Accessing Friday Night Funkin Debug Menu

Just like most games, Friday Night Funkin’ features a debug menu that let’s players fiddle or tinker with the settings to their preference.

Pressing the 7 key on your keyboard whilst in-game brings up the Debug Mod and from here, you can pretty much change the character you want to go against and play as whilst messing with the chart, song speed, bpm and more.

Pressing the Enter key exit the debug menu, so ensure you have already saved your changes prior.

Installing Friday Night Funkin’ Mods on PC

Friday Night Funkin’ mods basically add new opponents to the game and this is essential for players looking for new challenges. Below, we have outlined how to Install Mods on Friday Night Funkin’, I.e if you’re gaming on PC.

  • To begin with, head over to any of the aforementioned sites and download your desired FNF Mod. Unzip the file once the download is complete to get the “Assets” folder.
  • Now open up Friday Night Funkin’ files folder and locate the Assets folder of the game.


  • From here, copy the entire contents of the “Assets” folder in the MOD you downloaded and paste it into the Assets folder of the original game.
  • Click “overwrite all” if prompted to replace the vanilla assets files with the modded asset files.
  • That’s it. Now open the game normally and enjoy the MOD.

Wrapping Up

So these are arguably the best Friday Night Funkin’ mods menu to utilize right now. Nonetheless, if you’re reluctant to install these already made Mod Apk, then go ahead and learn how to manually install Friday Night Funkin’ mods on Android.


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