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Urban Demons Cheat Codes (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Urban Demons cheat codes abound. So if you are looking to get infinite money, or to unlock all scenes, here’s all the Urban Demons cheat codes to utilize right now.

Developed by Nergal in 2020, Urban Demons is an interesting game that puts players in control of Peter, a young male blessed with demonic forces whose objective is to journey between the real world and the Otherworld, interacting with various NPCs and building relationships along the way.

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The game features a compelling storyline with a ton of sinister motives to uncover and even though its graphics is enough to keep you glued hours on end, you can easily choose to simplify your gaming experience by utilizing any of the Urban Demons cheat codes listed below.

Urban Demons Cheat Codes

What other way to get a plethora of in-game resources without grinding than to use the list of available Urban Demons cheat codes. From the ability to move super fast to acquiring an excessive amount of money, unlocking all scenes and more, here’s all the Urban Demons cheat codes to make use of right now.

  • idontplaygames = unlock all scenes in the hall of memories (the mirror in bedroom)
  • Justin Bailey = Gain dress up wardrobe
  • rosebud = +1000 Money
  • whoami = rename character
  • allyourbasesarebelongtous = Max Purity for all characters
  • somebodysetupusthebomb = Max Corruption for all characters
  • moveinfast = super fast movement

Wrapping Up

So these are pretty much the only available Urban Demons cheat codes to utilize right now. You can activate the cheat codes by heading to your bedroom.


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