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Hay Day Hack for Free Diamonds and Coins (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel
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Hay Day is a pretty cool game, but if you do not want to progress at slower rate, then here’s the best Hay Day hack that actually work.

FarmVille paved the way for a slew of farm management games we see today and one such title that’s probably making waves right now is Hay Day. Developed by SuperCell, the makers of Clash of Clans and it’s likes, Hay Day is simply a social management game that task you to run a farm.

While it doesn’t offer anything new, it does bring a refined gameplay and challenges that require skills and attention. In Hay Day, your daily routine will include planting crops and harvesting them when the time is due.

You can also feed and interact with animals and if you so desire, you can go fishing in the lake. One of Hay Day’s strong point is that it let’s you trade with friends on Facebook and other social media platform.

You can easily swap crops or sell them if you prefer. That aside, Hay Day brings tons of customization option for your farm and you can invite your friends to work on them.

The game itself is pretty fun, but progressing swiftly can be pretty cumbersome. Now in a bit to quicken things up and probably not wait for your crops to grow naturally, Supercell introduced Diamonds as the game’s premium currency – but it’s hard to earn.

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It’s true that the best things in life are free, but this sadly, doesn’t apply to Hay Day Coins and/or Diamonds. For most players, the only way to earn free Diamonds/Coins is to grind or probably purchase them using real-life money.

The latter I’m sure you do not want to do and that’s why you’re here. Now if you do not want to progress at slower rate but instead want to quicken the growth of your crops whilst having a ton of Diamonds/Coins to throw around, then here’s the best Hay Day hack that actually work.

Revealing the Hay Day Hack Scam

The act of repetitiously getting resources, experience point or anything else you might need in a video game to achieve your goals is simply no fun. Infact it is laborious and you’d be sad to hear that Hay Day isn’t free from these grinding phenomenon.

Now as a player who doesn’t want to grind nor spend real-life money purchasing Diamonds which can be used to decorate or spruce up your farm, your best bet at this rate will obviously be to rely on hacks and/or Mod APKs, but is there really any? Is Hay Day even hackable?.

The answer is No. Most players who aren’t informed or perhaps doesn’t know the ins and outs of the internet often fall victim to scammers. They fell to learn that most server-sided games aren’t cheatable and even if you manage to perfect it, you’d end up been kicked out.

Hay Day for one thing, is a server-based game and this means that all the data relating to the currencies used in the game are stored on the server-side rather than the client thus making it impossible to hack.

Now you might have come across a handful of sites claiming to generate unlimited diamonds for free in Hay Day. The truth is that these online generators don’t work. They’d ask you to complete mundane tasks in the name of human verification and at the end, you’ll be rewarded with nothing.

While most players have managed to modify the number of Diamonds they have using apps like GameGuardian, it’s sad to say that you can’t spend the amount generated since the game restarts once you try to do so.

But do not frit, for there’s a legitimate way to earn free Diamonds in Hay Day and we have detailed it below.

Hay Day Hack That Actually Work

Featuring complex strategies, time-based challenges and profuse amount of resources management, farming on Hay Day can be very time-consuming. It’d take hours for you to tend to livestock and plant crops and if you aren’t economical enough, you’d find yourself spending tons of Diamonds and Coins on in-app purchases.

This is where Hay Day hack comes in to play. Now rather than the generators out there which asks for your personal information for phishing purposes, we’re going to unravel the best tips and tricks to use i.e if you’re looking to get free Diamonds and Coins in Hay Day without having to download any virus-rigged app.

How to Get Free Diamonds and Coins In Hay Day

In Hay Day, Diamonds and Coins are mostly used to complete upgrades or to buy items. While purchasing them using real-life money seems to be the easiest way to get them, you can still garner some freely using these tips.

  • The very first tip is to keep an eye out for mystery red toolboxes loitering around your farm and on your friend’s farm. They’d contain prizes which mostly, could be diamonds.
  • The second tip is to check the farmhouse regularly for a list of achievements which once completed, rewards you with diamonds.
  • You’ll also receive a small amount of diamonds everytime you level up and when you mine ore starting at level 24, you’ll stand a chance at unearthing diamonds.
  • By participating in global events, you will receive various rewards including diamonds and coins.
  • Whilst fishing, you will receive diamonds for catching a rare kind of fish or one with record weight.
  • There’s a free movie ticket you’d receive occasionally, simply watch the trailer which often showcases an upcoming video game and you’d receive diamonds as reward.
  • You can also tap on Tom’s balloon whilst it floats away to receive coins, diamonds, experience points and supplies.
  • Once you reach level 25, you can easily purchase diamonds using tokens in the Valley Shop
  • You can also play the derby to garner points as well as diamonds.
  • Endeavour to keep an eye on the game’s maintenance since Supercell awards players with 5 free diamonds as compensation when the game is unavailable due to service.
  • You can also link Hay Day to your Facebook account to get 5 free diamonds and once you follow the game’s creator on Facebook, you’d get another free diamonds.
  • Whilst navigating round your farm, endeavour to keep your eyes wide open for you might find a diamond wrapped in a bow.
  • You can also spin the wheel of fortune every day to earn free diamonds and who knows, if you are lucky, you could hit the jackpot.
  • Also, try to sell goods at a roadside kiosk or to your visitors. When you offer them the best price on the market, they’d buy your products quickly and you’ll receive coins in return.
  • You can also engage in truck deliveries. Simply send goods to different buyers and get coins and experience points as reward.
  • Also endeavor to purchase a mystery box since once opened contains diamonds and several handy items.
  • By completing a certain design in Maggie’s style book, you’d receive diamonds as rewards
  • The last but not the least is to load the steamer while serving visitors in the city for this activities will reward you with coins and experience points.

Wrapping Up

So these are the best Hay Day hack that actually work. One more thing though, we strongly encourage you to spend your diamonds wisely and also try to read the newspaper since it can generate extra money for you.


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