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Irobux Promo Codes for Free Robux 2020

by Henry Emmanuel

Irobux has been replaced with ClaimRBX. So if you’re looking to get free Robux, then below are a list of all the currently active ClaimRBX promo codes worth redeeming right now.

The online gaming platform where anyone can painlessly make or play games is literally an interesting beast. But it can also be boring especially when you have no money to throw around. Sincerely speaking, to gain full access to every exclusive games, features and items on Roblox, players need to have enough Robux (I.e the in-game currency).

Albeit virtual, Roblox Robux cost real money to get. They are mostly used to unlock paid games but aside from this, they do come in handy when you want to purchase certain items such as hats, shirts and more for your character. Now assuming your bank account is red and you’re in need of free Robux, then this service will help.

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Formerly known as Irobux, ClaimRBX is simply a website designed to allow users earn points (which can be redeemed for free Robux) by completing various offers such as surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, games and playing them.

One of the things that makes the site unique and perhaps legitimate is that it offers support for promo codes. So assuming you have one in custody, you can easily redeem it for free Robux without going through the hassles of partaking in those surveys.

Important Notice: Albeit down, the URL irobux.com redirects to a completely new domain known as earnrobuxnow.com but unlike the original, this site is a scam and should be avoided by all means.

Now without further ado, here’s a full list containing all the Irobux codes and/or ClaimRBX promo codes that are still active.

ClaimRBX Promo Codes

There are obviously a slew of IRobux or ClaimRBX Promo codes out there, and while most of them have already expired, we managed to get our hands on a few that works. So here they are;
  • claimholiday2019 – Gives you 1 free Robux 
  • jailbreak1m – Gives you 1 free Robux 
  • Poo – Gives you 1 free Robux 
  • Safi1234 – Gives you 1 free Robux 
  • NUKE – Gives you 1 free Robux 
  • KEY – Gives you 1 free Robux 
  • WARP – Gives you 1 free Robux 
  • Codeken – Gives you 1 free Robux 
  • GIFT – Gives you 1 free Robux 
  • FAMOUS – Gives you 1 free Robux 
  • SafiIsBack – Gives you 1 free Robux 
  • sub2f8Itayt – Gives you 1 free Robux 
  • THOR – Gives you 1 free Robux 
  • SafiLovveClaimrbx – Gives you 1 free Robux 
  • ODIN – Gives you 1 free Robux 
  • ORB – Gives you 1 free Robux 
  • WONDERLAND – Gives you 1 free Robux 

So these are the codes. Do note that most of them don’t last up to a day and some expire after one week. So endeavour to redeem them as quick as you can. We’ll be updating this list once new codes becomes available.

How to Redeem

irobux To redeem the above list ClaimRBX codes, simply head over to the site and log in to your account by entering your Roblox username. Once linked, click on the text that says Promo Codes at the top and type in the aforementioned codes one by one. Once done, tap the Click to redeem button and you should be good to go.

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