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CleanRobux.com – Does It Really Give Free Robux?

by Henry Emmanuel

Cleanrobux claims to offer users free Robux for life. Today, we will see if it is a scam or a legit tool.

In our previous post, we talked about Robux Match, a deceptive website that advertises itself as the ultimate free Robux generator online. Today, we will look into Clean Robux to see if it does what it really claims to do.

Created in 2005, Roblox is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun and learn. It is unique in that practically everything on the platform is designed and constructed by members of the community. On Roblox, there are a plethora of games to dig into and that too for free.

Now just like Minecraft Coins, Roblox features a digital currency called Robux which can be used to purchase in-game upgrades and avatar accessories. It is a sought-after commodity that can only be acquired using real-life money and as such, many users who can’t afford it often seek for ways to get free Robux and by so doing, they risk encountering the so-called Robux Generators.

From the previously mentioned Robux Match to BucksReward, Rbxly and more, they galore. But we’re only focusing on Clean Robux here, since it is got some traction.

What is Clean Robux?

For the uninformed, Clean Robux is a website (at cleanrobux.com) that claims to offer users unlimited Robux for free. It advertises itself as a free Robux generator, and upon visiting the site, you’d find it hard telling if it’s a scam or not.

From the homepage, you’d see a widget showing the number of users online as well as a message claiming a user has got a specified number of Robux.

Entering your Username and clicking the Connect button brings up a pop-up window asking you to complete any of the two offers presented in order to prove you’re a human.


These offers includes partaking on surveys and downloading random apps. However, once you’re done completing them, you’d be rewarded nothing.

Yes you heard that right! The human verification process is simply a trick concocted to steal information from users and once you install any of the apps suggested, the developers behind Cleanrobux website will automatically be rewarded for your effort.

The whole chats as well as number of users online is all fake. In fact, Clean Robux is a scam site masquerading as a free Robux generator. It isn’t legitimate and can never give you free Robux for free.

There’s Nothing Like Free Robux Generator

Don’t be deceived, free Robux generators are scams created by disingenuous people to fleece naive Roblox players into giving out there sensitive data. There’s nothing like free Robux and there’s no way to get free Robux without spending real money.

Roblox Corporation made adequate sure of this since it is one of the many ways they generate revenue. Hence, if you encounter any tool or website claiming to be able to connect to Roblox server to generate free Robux for you, simply know it’s a scam and shouldn’t be given the attention.

Wrapping Up

So this is literally all you need to know about Clean Robux. The fact that it claims to be a free Robux generator is shady enough and having given it a try, we can categorically tell you that it is fake and doesn’t work at all. Desist from it.


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I really need robux cause I am a noob in roblox

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