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Koboldkare Console Commands and Cheats (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Koboldkare console commands are a great way to get infinite money and items in-game. So here’s literally all the avaliable KoboldKare cheats to utilize right now.

For one thing, KoboldKare draws so much inspiration from the farm simulation role-playing game Harvest Moon. But unlike the aforementioned which literally task players to restore and maintain a farm by clearing land, planting crops, selling harvests, raising livestock, and foraging, KoboldKare doesn’t only let players grow fruits but also Kobolds.

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Developed by Naelstrof in 2020, KoboldKare is basically a multiplayer farming simulator in which players are tasked to raise cute Kobolds that can be sold for profit. The proceeds made can easily be used to purchase more Kobolds as well as other essential farming tools.

Now assuming you’re looking to skip the hassles of doing various services and/or selling products, we have got below, a complete list of all the KoboldKare console commands and cheats.

What Are KoboldKare Console Commands?

Also referred to as KoboldKare cheats, KoboldKare console commands are specific instructions or codes that can be entered into the command-line interface of the game in order to access additional features or modify the game environment.

Using the below KoboldKare console commands, players will be able to enable cheats, unlock hidden content, change game settings, get or spawn a variety of items or debug issues.

Now without further delay, here’s a complete list of all the KoboldKare console commands to utilize right now.

KoboldKare Console Commands

Before we begin, simply know that the following KoboldKare console commands can be used by hitting enter when in first or third person view.

Note: For the below KoboldKare console commands to work, ensure that your game version is v325_5779766 or higher.

Basic/Special Commnads

KoboldKare offers basic/special commands to get you started. Below is every single one of them;

  • /cheats – Enable or Disable cheats
  • /help – Lists the cheat, help, list and give commands
  • /list – Lists all available objects and reagents that can be given with the give command
  • /skip – Skips current quest and gives you a star as if you’ve completed it
  • /impulse101 – Gives your kobold max possible energy and metabolism level and a really big belly capcity.

Item Commands

If you’re looking to spawn items in KoboldKare, you can easily use the command;

  • /give [Item Name] [Amount]

In addition to being case sensitive, some items will take an additional amount of modifier. For example, /give Money 1000 will give you $1,000 that you can use to buy things and get by.

Item Name

  • Money [Amount] – Gives the indicted amount of money
  • Stars [Amount] – Gives the indicted amount of stars
  • Blood
  • Dough – Restores a small amount of energy very slowly
  • Banana
  • BannaSeed
  • Flour – Restores a small amount of energy very slowly
  • Bomb
  • EggNog – Restores a small amount of energy slowly
  • Bucket
  • Chest – Spawns an immovable chest
  • Egg
  • EggplantJuice
  • ScrambledEgg – Gives energy slowly
  • Eggplant
  • EggDinner – Restores a decent amount of energy slowly
  • EggplantSeed
  • EquineDick – Spawns an Equine Toy
  • Gloves
  • Kobold – Spawns a random Male or Female Kobold
  • Hardhat
  • Yoghurt – Gives a small amount of energy slowly and increases your metabolism bar
  • Heart
  • Cake – Restores a large amount of energy quickly, makes you fat without filling metabolism
  • HighHeels
  • Ice
  • KandiDick – Spawns a Two-tone Equine Toy with piercings
  • KnottedDick – Spawns a canine toy
  • Melon
  • MelonSeed
  • MelonJuice
  • NippleBarbellPiercingsEquippable – Spawns Nipple Piercings that can be worn
  • NipplePump
  • Onahole
  • Potassium – Grinded bananas
  • Pineapple
  • PineappleJuice
  • PineapplePopsicle – Gives a lot of energy quickly and makes you cum a lot
  • PineappleSeed
  • Plant – Spawns a planted egg that can be watered like a normal egg
  • Burger – Gives a lot of energy quickly and makes you thicker
  • Scanner – Spawns a scanner device for checking content amounts
  • SpikeCollar
  • SpikeyBracelet
  • TailBag – Spawns a wearable Tailbag object
  • TailCollar – Spawns a wearable Spiked Tail Ring
  • TaperedDick – Spawns a Lizard shaped Toy
  • Trough – Spawns a Trough (big bucket)
  • WateringCan
  • PachinkoBall – Spawns the ball used in the Pachinko game
  • TopHat – Spawns a unwearable Top Hat
  • MiniRadio – Spawns the item playing music in the 99 Club
  • Debris – Spawns an indestructible giant version of the rocks found on farm plots
  • MoneyPile – Spawns a Money pile with $0 value
  • FluidProjectile – Spawns a non-collidable fluid that has a chance to cover you in an oily sheen
  • Milk
  • Milkshake – Gives a lot of energy quickly and makes you very thick
  • Water
  • Pie – Restores a decent amount of energy slowly
  • Wood
  • SoilTile – Spawns an immovable farm plot that functions exactly like the normal spaces
  • Cum – Gives a condom
  • StarDoor – Spawns a 0 Star Door
  • ExplosionPrefab – Literal Explosion
  • Explosium
  • Mushroom – Spawns a Mushroom that can be Juiced
  • MushroomJuice – Makes you skinnier, smaller and saps color
  • Wheat – Spawns Wheat that can be juiced
  • WheatSeed
  • GroundBeef – Restores a small amount of energy very slowly
  • Fish
  • Fat – Extremely slow to digest
  • GrowthSerum
  • IncompleteGrowthSerumA
  • IncompleteGrowthSerumB – Slowly gives energy
  • Steak
  • MuscleFloaters – Burst of strength sprites as if you gained a grab buff from burger or steak
  • Love – Grinded hearts that you get for breeding
  • EnergyFloaters – Burst of energy sprites as if you gained more max energy buff from a cake
  • BananaSplit – Restores a decent amount of energy slowly
  • StarBust – Burst of stars as if you completed a quest
  • SpaceBeam – Spawns a beam of light that’s used to locate next quest objective

Wrapping Up

So these are all the currently available KoboldKare console commands and/or cheats. If you have got any questions or suggestions to make, simply use the comment box below.

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