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Roblox Admin Commands (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Roblox is no ordinary game. It offers a lot of things to do and can be the perfect place to pastime especially when you are bored. With the aim to bring kids together through play, the platform doesn’t only feature a secure environment for kids to converse but also host a plethora number of games that are utterly overwhelming.

Roblox main charisma lies in the fact that you can build anything your heart desires and that too with blocks. With such privilege, you can easily make something that’s enthralling – but this however is only possible with the aid of admin commands.

Assuming you are a Minecraft die-hard, then chances are you have heard or come across the ever popular worldedit commands which makes repetitive task easier and faster to do. Well Roblox admin commands is quite similar to this tool and it can give you god-like abilities which can go as far as turning a player into a zombie.

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Sounds funny right? Well I’m going to show you how to do the pro-gamer move and probably have other players envy you. Starting a fire around your player or creating a force field and so much more basically takes a second provided you have admin status.

So if you have already fired up any random Roblox game with admin pass and had the chat box opened, then here’s a list of the best and useful Roblox admin commands worth using right now.

How to Use

Before we kick-off, it’s appropriate for you to learn how to use the huge list of Roblox admin commands out there. Normally, when you type something like :kill me or :fire me, this in essence literally kills you or sets you on fire. But you can easily spice things up by typing :kill (player name) and it’ll instantly kill the specified player.

Roblox Admin Commands

Of course there are a lot of them, each with its own specific function that can make or break the game. But in this article, we’re going to unravel the ones that are useful and after that, we’ll go further to unveil the best admin command script that are legitimate. So without beating around the bush, here’s a list of the must-know Roblox admin commands that can help you perform certain actions in-game.

  • :kill – Kills the player
  • :respawn – Respawns the player
  • :trip – Trips the player
  • :stun – Stuns the player
  • :unstun – Unstuns the player
  • :jump – Makes the player jump
  • :sit – Makes the player sit
  • :invisible – Makes the player invisible
  • :visible – Makes the player visible
  • :explode – Makes the player explode
  • :fire – Sets the player on fire
  • :unfire – Removes fire from the player
  • :smoke – Adds smoke to the player
  • :unsmoke – Removes smoke from the player
  • :sparkles – Adds sparkles to the player
  • :unsparkles – Removes sparkles from the player
  • :ff – Adds a forcefield to the player
  • :unff – Removes the forcefield from the player
  • :punish – Punishes the player
  • :unpunish – Unpunishes the player
  • :freeze – Freezes the player
  • :thaw – Thaws the player
  • :heal – Heals the player
  • :god – Makes the player have infinite health
  • :ungod – Makes the player have 100 health
  • :removetools – Removes all tools from the player
  • :btools – Gives the player building tools
  • :give sword – Gives the player a sword
  • :damage – Damages the player
  • :grav – Sets the player’s gravity to normal
  • :nograv – Makes the player have 0 gravity
  • :health – Changes the player’s health
  • :speed — Changes the player’s walkspeed
  • :stopmusic – Will stop all music playing in the server
  • :teleport – Teleports the player
  • :kick – Removes the player from the game
  • :infect – Turns the player into a zombie
  • :rainbowify – Turns the player into a rainbow
  • :flashify – Turns the player into a strobe
  • :noobify – Turns the player into a noob
  • :ghostify – Turns the player into a ghost
  • :goldify – Turns the player into gold
  • :shiny – Makes the player shiny
  • :normal – Puts the player back to normal
  • :unstrobe – Unstrobes the player
  • :blind – Blinds the player
  • :unblind – Unblinds the player
  • :fling – Flings the player
  • :seizure – Puts the player in a seizure
  • :music – Plays a sound from the ID
  • :lock – Locks the player
  • :unlock – Unlocks the player
  • :removelimbs – Removes the player’s limbs
  • :jail – Puts the player in a jail
  • :unjail – Releases the player from Jail
  • :fly – Makes the player fly
  • :unfly – Removes fly from the player
  • :noclip – Makes the player able to noclip
  • :clip – Removes noclipping from the player
  • :dog – Turns the player into a dog
  • :undog – Turns the player back to normal
  • :creeper – Turns the player into a creeper
  • :uncreeper – Turns the player back to normal
  • :starttools – Will give the player starter tools
  • :bighead – Will make the player’s head larger than normal
  • :minihead – Will make the player’s head smaller than normal
  • :uncape – Removes the player’s cape
  • :loopheal – Will constantly heal the player
  • :loopfling – Will constantly fling the player
  • :unloopheal – Will remove the loopheal on the player
  • :unloopfling – Will remove the loopfling on the player
  • :unspin – Removes spin from the player
  • :swagify – Swagifies the player
  • :clone – Creates a clone of the player
  • :control – Controls a player
  • :crash – Crashes a player
  • :ban – Bans a player
  • :unban – Unbans a player
  • :loopkill – Will constantly kill the player
  • :unloopkill – Will remove the loopkill on the player

These are only but a few Roblox admin commands worth utilizing. But you can painlessly expand the list by using any of the following admin command script listed below.

Roblox Admin Command Script

As we said earlier, there are hundreds if not thousands of Roblox admin commands list out there on the web but the best and perhaps most easiest way to acquire them is by using an admin command script.

From Person299’s Admin V3 to Quenty’s GUI and more, you’d find a slew of them and once installed, they’d be injected into your game automatically and can be called out using the :cmd command.

Now without beating around the bush, here’s a list of the legitimate and trusted Roblox admin command script that are still maintained.

1. HD Admin

HD Admin is hands-down the most up-to-date Roblox admin command script worth utilizing. It offers over 200 commands that can help enhance games for both the player and developer. One of its strong point is that it’s open source and aside from bringing an extensive range of features, it’s free too.

2. Kohl’s Admin Infinite

Next up, we have Kohl’s Admin Infinite command script. It is a huge package per say and comes with all kinds of commands that are literally fun to use. From kill to ghostify, there are a slew of them and you’d be wowed upon learning what they can do.

3. Adonis

Adonis specifically spawned to replace EISS and unlike the aforementioned, it comes packed with plenty of commands that can make your life easier. Featuring a new UI system and the ability to change anything using plugins, it’s really worth the try.

Wrapping Up

So these are all the Roblox admin commands list plus scripts worth using. Do note that they’re only available to players with admin status. That’s all for now.

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