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The Best Roblox Hair Extensions (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Roblox Hair Extensions galore. So if you’re looking to customize the look and feel of your avatar, then here’s how to get free hair extensions on Roblox.

A glimpse at Steam Community and you’d see that Roblox is rarely mentioned. It is unusual in the gaming universe but can be said to be very popular amongst kids aged 10 and above. For the uninformed, Roblox is a perfect suite for building virtual worlds. It is a place to foster creativity and imagination and is often seen as a playground for children.

At the very least, Roblox is a platform with an app that allows users to create and play other people’s creation. It consists of Lego-like blocks and offers freedom never seen before. Now prior to making or playing the vast amount of 3D games hosted on the platform, users often go through the process of choosing avatars depicting different shirts, hair, faces and hats.


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So assuming you’re a beginner or perhaps an old-timer looking to make his/her character stand out, then you are better off utilizing the vast majority of Roblox hair extensions scattered all over the web. Now in a bit to ease the stress of visiting many sites, we have cherry-picked below a sheer amount of Roblox hair extensions worth adorning your character with.

Roblox Hair Extensions

There are a plethora of Roblox Hair Extensions and while a majority of them are paid, there are some which are completely free to use. From black to blonde braid, below is the best roblox hair extensions to download right now.


Image/Link Name
Black Hair Extension
Blonde Hair Extension
Brown Hair Extension
Ombre Hair Extension
Brown Hair Extension
Pink Hair Extension
Pink Braid Extension
Brown Wave Extension
Brown Braid Extension
Blonde Extension
Blonde Braid Extension
Black Extension
Black Braid Extension

So this is it, a cool list of some of the best roblox hair extensions out there on the web. Nonetheless if you’re reluctant to copy designs from others, then you can make your own hair extension using GIMP. With a few clicks here and there, you’ll be able to add colors, glow, etc and the end result will be a unique roblox hair extension specially made by you.

How to Add Hair Extensions to Your Clothing on Roblox

Getting a cool Roblox hair extension is one thing and knowing how to add it to your clothing on Roblox is yet another. While it’s easy to use GIMP for shading and applying various effects on your hair extensions, you’ll need tools like Pixlr to add them to any clothing of your choice.

In other not to bore you with long talks, we have embedded above a video showcasing how to add roblox hair extensions to your clothing. So go ahead and have a glimpse at it.


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