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Roblox Unban Script (2024)

by Henry Emmanuel

Roblox unban scripts abound. So if you are looking to get unbanned in games like Da Hood, Arcane Odyssey, Bloxburg, and more, here’s the only working Roblox unban script you will ever need.

In Roblox, the message “You were kicked from this experience” (AKA Roblox Error Code: 267) typically means that you were forcibly removed or ejected from a game or virtual experience by the game’s administrators or moderators.

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This can happen for various reasons, such as violating the game’s rules by using inappropriate language or scripts or engaging in disruptive behaviour that goes against the game’s community guidelines.

If you receive this message, you can either appeal to the game developer, wait it out, or make use of the Roblox unban script listed right below to get unbanned instantly.

Roblox Unban Script

When you execute a detectable script using an exploit in any of the millions of 3D experiences on Roblox, you may end up triggering the game’s anti-exploit system, which will instantly ban or kick you out of the server. To get unbanned, simply use the Roblox unban script below.

Script 1


Note: The above Roblox Unban script works in any game on Roblox including Da Hood, Welcome to Bloxburg and Arcane Odyssey. Also, ensure to join prynce and veiyo fan group on Roblox for it to work.

How to Execute the Roblox Unban Script


Prior to executing the Roblox unban script, players will need to employ the services of a reliable Roblox exploit. From Krnl, Fluxus, Synapse X, and more, there are a plethora of them.

So assuming you do not have one downloaded yet, simply jump into our previous post detailing the best Roblox script executor and/or Roblox exploits and find yourself something that works.

Once installed, go ahead and jump into Roblox, then look up and click to open the game you were banned from as well as the downloaded exploit. Next up, copy and paste the Roblox unban script listed above into the box found within the executor.

Once done, click on Attach, followed by the Execute button, and you should see the unbanning message on the screen. Simply exercise some patience and allow the script to do its thing, and once done, you’ll instantly get a successful unbanned message and can now resume gameplay.

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