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5 Best Room Girl Mods

by Henry Emmanuel

Room Girl mods are user-created modifications or alterations to the original game content. These mods can introduce new features, characters, scenarios, or visual changes to the vanilla game, thereby enhancing or altering the gameplay experience according to the preferences of the mod creators and players. Now, if you’re looking to spicen the base game, here’s the best Room Girl mods to install right now.

1. MaterialMod


Said to be a material editor created from scratch, MaterialMod is arguably one of the best Room Girl mods to install right now. It basically adds a Material button within the clothes, hair, skin, or accessories in the character maker screen, thereby allowing users to edit and add textures that aren’t usually accessible in the vanilla game.

2. RG_ActionPatches

RG_ActionPatches is basically a collection of harmony patches designed to help users unlock and add restricted or missing character actions. With this mod, you can easily interact with NPCs, irrespective of their workplace.

3. Lock H-Menu


While viewing the colossal number of sex scenes in Room Girl, there’s a tendency that the left menu will be hidden away from you. To fix this, the Lock H-Menu mod spawned, and it works by adding an icon to make the left menu of sex scenes stop hiding automatically.

4. RG_Translation


RG_Translation is literally one of the must-install Room Girl mods out there on the internet. It includes over 30,000 translations for the main game as well as action scenes, h-scenes, subtitles, and chat topic dialogues.

5. Room Girl Subtitles

Room Girl Subtitles is a mod that basically does what it says. Once installed in the base game, it will automatically show subtitles for the girl’s voice in Room Girl H-scenes.

What is Room Girl?

Room Girl by Illusion is a sim-style life simulation game where players engage in various activities within a virtual environment. The game features an excellent character creation system where players can spend hours personalising the look and feel of their characters.

Similar to most life-style games, players can have their custom characters work at the office to earn money, hang out in various places during free time, and even engage in romantic relationships with NPCs.

Despite its great content, Room Girl offers zero storyline and somewhat feels very repetitive. If you think the game has lost its appeal after playing for a while, you can easily spruce things up using the Room Girl mods listed right above.

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