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Another Chance Cheats and Gallery Unlock File

by Henry Emmanuel

Another chance cheats abounds. So if you are looking to get infinite money or unlock the game’s gallery, here’s all the Another Chance cheat and gallery unlock file to use right now.

Another Chance is a point-and-click adventure game in which the protagonist is given a second chance at life following a series of mysterious circumstances.

The game’s basic premise revolves around wandering the halls of Newfall High, talking to people, solving puzzles, unravelling mysteries, and finding combinable and consumable items.

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In addition to its witty dialogue, Another Chance features over 40 locations, tonnes of characters, and more. The game’s art style is quite decent as well, but its grinding elements are something to dislike.

Now, if you are looking to max out the stats of a specific character or you simply want to unlock the game’s gallery and even get an excessive amount of money, here’s all the Another Chance cheats and gallery unlock file to utilise right now.

Another Chance Cheats

Another chance at cheats and/or console commands is a great way to simplify your gaming experience. However, before activating them, you will need to enable the Ren’Py console. So assuming you’ve already done that, here’s all the Android Chance cheats to utilise right now.

  • mc.money = xxx
  • mc.intellect = xxx
  • mc.strength = xxx
  • mc.charisma = xxx
  • mc.lust = xxx
  • mc.love = xxx
  • mc.energy = xxx

Simply change xxx to any number and press Enter to activate.

Note: To avoid the “mc not defined error,” you must replace “mc” with the name of the character you’re looking to max its stats and also make sure it’s in lowercase.

Example: flora.intellect = 15

The above command will increase Flora’s intellect to the specified number.

Some characters’ names include: Maxine, Flora, Lindsey, Kate, Jacklyn, Isabella, Jo, Nurse, Mrs. L, and Cyberia.

Other Cheats

To get the VHS tape, use the following command:


To add Isabella’s contact information to your phone, use the following command:


Another Chance Gallery Unlock


Similar to most visual novel games, Another Chance features a plethora of scenes to unlock. So if you’re looking to see them, here’s the only Another Chance Gallery Unlock file you’ll ever need.

  • To begin with, download gallery_unlock.7z and extract the file using WinRAR or 7-Zip.
  • Now copy this file, 9999_gallery_unlock.rpy, from the extracted folder and paste it in your game folder (where the game exe is located).
  • With that done, open the game, followed by the phone, and you should see all the galleries unlocked.


You can easily press SHIFT+O while in-game to bring up the console, and then paste the following command into the provided box and hit Enter to unlock the gallery.

is_replay_unlocked = lambda a: True

That’s it.

Wrapping Up

So this is literally the only Another Chance cheat and gallery unlock file you’ll ever need. If you encounter any issues, simply notify us using the comment box below.


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