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WickedWhims is a Mod You Shouldn’t Install in The Sims 4

by Henry Emmanuel

WickedWhims is cancerous. It’s one of the Sims 4 mods targeted at players who yearn for nudity during gameplay. Don’t install it.

Boomed into one of the best selling PC game of all time, the Sims 4 is without doubt an interesting simulation game that teaches players how to live the best of their life. I started my Sims 4 journey in 2017, thereby ditching stardew valley and the like with the hope to experience something better. From completing various objectives to getting stuck at different sessions, I’d say it’s a catatonic game.

Of all the years I’ve being playing Sims 4, I’d never experience raw sex. Infact it is never visible, and even though it features the “wooho” or “do it” thing, they’re all carried out under the cover of bedsheets and pixelated bodies. On Sims 4, characters can have a baby, but it sure isn’t an easy task.

Player level as well as relationship level with other Sims are one of the basic requirements needed to making babies in Sims 4. Then purchasing the Bassinet under the Babies & Kids section and utilizing it will make your Sim adopt or have a baby the natural way. Today, it’s sad to say that all this have changed, as a bunch of horny simheads have developed a ton of mods that enhance the game’s sex mechanics.

One such mod is WickedWhims, created by Turbodriver with the aim to offer explicit animated sex, nudity interactions, relationship enhancement and gameplay improvement. But how does this “thing” improve the overall gameplay? Like seriously, creating a mod where Sims get nude completely, while having them engage in sexual activities all over the house and in public isn’t educative at all.

And to think that modders who add a lot of sex scenes in the Sims 4 are making up to $4,000 a month proves that it’s a lucrative business that’s weird. But I really do not think most people want it. Aside from story telling, I really do not see the need of using Wicked Whims in regular gameplay. It do interrupt the game’s theme, making it overly focused on sex and sexuality while the main objectives fall in the background.

Imagine you have kids who loves watching you play the Sims, then fast-forward to that session where Sims bang each over, ejaculating on the face of their female partner who gives them blowjob…. ouch envision the looks the kids will give you. You’d be like….

Wicked Whims makes Sims 4 gameplay depressing, especially when the novelty wore off. The autonomous banging is unpleasant to the eyes but it still doesn’t end there, as the modder is seriously adding more graphics action to the game and they can be downloaded for free.

Wrapping Up

For some, Wicked Whims is essential. But I really do not think so. Having a threesome in a bathtub, bed, shower, toilet, kitchen counter and giving skilful handjob on a couch may bring wide imaginations, but you’re straying away from what the game was initially made for. So try as much as possible not to install WickedWhims mod, as it’s cancerous.

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